We are the only firm in Poland which has professional cleaning equipment of the Danish company TRIVENTEK, therefore, we work at the most modern and most efficient robots used in inspecting and cleaning of ductwork systems.





Why should you clean ductworks?

If they were made of glass, such a question would not appear. However, it is undeniable that in the course of exploatation dust accumulates in ductwork systems, which, eventually, may prove to be dangerous for health of people spending most of their time in air conditioned rooms. For that reason, it is vital to periodically maintain and desinfect ductwork systems.

We would like to offer you:

cleaning of ducts (both round and rectangular) of diameter ranging from 8 cm to 120 cm
inspection of ductwork
mechanical brush cleaning
cleaning of ductwork using
compressed air
instalation of inspection inlets
a wide range of filters
   (including HEPA filters)
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